So, today I went shopping. I went to tjmax, old navy, and Claire’s. Here is a quick overview of what I got.(above) I thought is would also be nice to show each individual item. I always like these types of videos on YouTube so I thought, why not make a blog version? See, I’m smart.

  The first store I went to was tjmax, and that’s where I found this beauty. I was looking for a neat tray to put things on and I found this. I have a lot of random papers that I don’t want to throw away but I don’t know where to put them and this is perfect for that!

  This is pretty boring but I really needed it. It’s for qtips and cotton balls. My cotton balls are just in this giant bag and it’s not attractive, so this is great. I can just refill it when I run out and hide my giant bag.

  The last thing I got at tjmax were these awesome overalls. I don’t have any and I came across these while I was quickly skimming the girls section (I didn’t go there for clothes) I think they’re super cute and fun for summer.

  The second store I went to was Claire’s. I wanted a new wallet, but I don’t need a gigantic one. I just need one to hold some cash. I thought this one was perfect because it has pineapples on it(who doesn’t love pineapples) and it was the perfect size

  The second thing I got at Claire’s were these sunglasses. I don’t even know what style these are called, they’re kinda wayfare style and kinda not, so I don’t know. I don’t know if you can tell, but there is tortoise print at the top. I love these because they will go with anything!

  The third thing I got is a fedora. I got it because fedora. I also thought it would go awesome with my overalls

  The last thing I got at Claire’s was this flower crown. There was a really cool one with gold leaves on it, but I got it stuck in my hair twice just trying to see how it looked, so I kind of ran away from it. I love flower crowns because just but putting it in your hair, you instantly look like you tried. Even if you’re wearing a tank and yoga pants like I am right now.

  The last store I went to was old navy. I got this basic pinstripe tshirt because I have basically no basic tees. (Haha basically no basic) I’ve always liked pinstripe though.

  I also got this at old navy. It’s a basic white tee (which I have none of) but it’s boy friend style. I got this because I thought it would be nice and versatile 

  I got this graphic tee because I love California (west coast) and the east coast, I also think graphic tees are just a staple item and are really fun to wear.

  The last thing I got were these shorts. I thought these would look awesome with the “coast to coast” shirt and I don’t have any of this style shorts!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got, I certainly enjoyed writing the post! This is my first time writing a post on an iPad so I hope it turns out ok! 

When a woman says “I have nothing to wear!” What she really means is “there’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today” – Caitlin Moran 


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