DIY room decor!


Hi Guys! Today I have a really exciting post! I’ve been doing a lot of diy’s lately, especially for my room, and I’m going to show them all to you now with as detailed as possible tutorials so you can do them too! Time to make your room someone else’s #roomgoals!
The first diy is this shiny rock paperweight! It cost me literally no money and it’s so cool!
What you need
Rock or Mineral– you can get cool rocks from stores, but I live in the mountains and have unlimited rocks. I used a giant Quartz that I found in my backyard
Mod Podge– there is a matte type and a glossy type; for this you need the glossy
Sponge Brush– you can use a tradition sponge brush that you can easily find at any craft store, but I used one of those disposable makeup sponges
What You Do
If you got your rock from the great outdoors like me, you will need to rinse off any major dirt that is easy to get rid of. You do not however, need to deep clean the rock because the modpodge locks in the dirt. Next, just paint all over your rock with the mod Podge and let it dry over night. (It will be mainly dry before then, but you don’t want to get any mod Podge on you precious papers, so just be patient) And there you have it! A great shiny rock that works with every bedroom!
The next diy is this yarn wall hanging! I think it looks so awesome above my seating area!
What you need
  • A stick (think or thin depending on the look you are looking for)
  • Yarn- again thickness is up to you!
  • A pushpin or hook

What you do

What you do is really easy but hard to explain, so here’s a video explaining it
This video doesn’t exist
See? It’s easy but hard to explain! Anyway, I think this looks super neat and artsy! But it’s really inexpensive, again no money!
This next diy are these two pillows! the one in the back is inspired by urban outfitters and the other one is from me head!
What you need
  • Pillow form or stuffing- the eye one is with stuffing and the “good vibes” one is with a pillow form
  • Black fabric marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tan color in any fabric you want- I used cotton fabric

What you do

  1. Measure out your pillow with a pencil on the fabric adding two inches on each side for seam
  2. Cut out two of the same dimensions for each pillow
  3. If using the stuffing: glue the edges of the fabric together leaving one hole large enough to put stuffing in. Flip pillow inside out. You should have nice, clean edges. Now, stuff the pillow! Lastly, glue the hole shut.
  4. If using the pillow form: glue the edges of the fabric to the seams of the pillow form. Have one of the edges overlap the other a little bit for a clean edge.
  5. Take your fabric marker and draw whatever you want! If you want to do the exact eye design, google search “urban outfitters eye pillow” to get a picture.
  6. Enjoy!

Well, that’s all for this post! Sorry this post was two days late, but I wanted it to be perfect for you guys! I was going to do more diy’s but I didn’t want this to be too long,so I cut it short! Like or comment for another one of these! Also, which color theme do you like better, black and blue or white and blue. I think I like white and blue better, but I don’t know.

“If you think it’s that simple, then do it yourself”- unknown


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