Hair Care + Tips!

This post was requested by my sister about 3 weeks ago, but I haven’t had time to make it, so here you go! My routine is very simple, which I think is the key to keeping hair healthy. If you weigh down you hair with a bunch of products and junk, it can make results that you don’t want. I have to wash my hair every day because it is really oily, but if you hair is just normal, go every other day, because otherwise, you hair could get really dry.

Anyway, lets get into it!

IMG_1765 Theorie Ultimate Reform Shampoo: TJMaxx $8

So, this is my shampoo. It has Argan Oil in it which is great for hair. It’s also sulfate and paraben free. It is more expensive, but your hair will definitely thank you for getting rid of all those harsh chemicals.

IMG_1764 Sukin Protien Conditioner: TJMaxx $8

This is my conditioner. It has good stuff in it like avocado and vitamin C. Again, it’s sulfate and paraben free. I tend to run out of conditioner way before I run out of shampoo, because I use a lot of it to keep my ends super moisturized. I have found out, that if I don’t do my shampoo and conditioner routine correctly, my roots get crazy oily and my ends get really dry, even in only a couple of days.

I always air dry my hair, unless I shower in the morning, to prevent dry hair.

That is all I do on a daily basis, but I do have a few trick and things I use every now and then.


We all need to put our hair up sometimes. But a lot of hair ties get stuck in my hair and I have to rip them out of my hair, which is not good. These don’t grip, so they come out easy, but they also don’t fall out of my hair like a lot of no grip hair ties.

IMG_1767 Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist: Sephora $22

I love textured, beachy waves, but many salt sprays dry out your hair. This one is great because it has Argan Oil, so instead of drying out your hair, it actually moisturizes your hair.

IMG_1768 Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment: Burt’s Bees $9

When my ends are feeling dry, and it’s been a while since my last hair cut, I usually do a hair treatment/ deep conditioner of some sort. They usually do the trick, but again, make sure you get one that is paraben and sulfate free!

I hope this helped in some way or at least you enjoyed it!

If your hair is done properly and you have good shoes, you can get away with anything – Iris Apfel


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