2 DIY Back to School notebook Ideas!


Today I have a really exciting post for you guys! I feel like I say that every time I post something…. Anyway, this is my first post in my #b2swithreago series! If you do anything from this post tag my in a photo with #b2swithreago!


This first notebook is the R is for notebook! Of course you personalize this with your initial. I think this one is great for Back To School because of the “R is for”

What you need


  • A notebook (duh)
  • A laptop (or anything you can go on the internet with)
  • Packing Tape
  • Gluestick (I used the purple type of course)
  • Scissors (not shown)

What you do

  1. Save This Picture and This picture to your computer
  2. Google “(your initial) is for”, pick one you like and save it to your computer
  3. Go to Pic Monkey and click “Design”
  4. Go to “textures” and click “your own”
  5. Choose the picture with the small dots and click “apply”
  6. Do the same thing again but with the big dots
  7. Then go to “overlays” and click “your own”
  8. Choose the “R is for” picture
  9. Click “save” then print it out
  10. Cut the image to fit your notebook and glue it down.
  11. Fake laminate it by covering the notebook with packing tape.
  12. All done!

I know it’s a lot of steps but it’s actually really simple and completely worth it! I think it would be perfect for a writing or reading class.


The next is this numbers notebook! I think this would be perfect for math notes!

What you need


  • Notebook
  • Scissors
  • 3 hole punch
  • glue stick
  • scrapbook paper ( if you want the same as mine go here )

What you do

  1. Trace your notebook onto the scrapbook paper and cut out
  2. 3 hole punch the scrapbook paper (only do this if your notebook is the kind that is meant to go in a binder)
  3. Glue it on the notebook

That’s it! It’s super easy and really cute!

I hope you enjoyed this! This week there won’t be any blog or social media posts until Sunday because I’m going to Summer Camp! Wish me fun!

Learn as much as you can when you’re young since life be comes to busy later-Dana Stewart Scott







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