American Stereotypes vs. Australian Stereotypes

Today’s post is really exciting because……it’s a collab! Today I’m collaberating with Vanilla Highlights Blog! On her blog she’s doing “American bloggers vs. Australian bloggers”

Disclaimer: This is meant to be funny and exaggerated. It’s not really meant to be taken seriously


I asked my Australian blogger friends ” When you hear the word American, what do you think of?” Here’s what they thought


Mac Donalds, Taco Bell, Junk food – Miss Bella Boo Blog

Starbucks, Junk food – BeautyxChase (youtube)

Starbucks, Taco Bell, Junk Food – Totally Tianna Blog

+ A whole bunch of other people said junk food

Australia’s verdict

All we eat is junk.


Actually, this is pretty much completely accurate. At least one third of American adults eat junk food daily. I, on the other hand, eat extremely healthy.


Hollywood, celebrities, NYC, movies, broadway, shopping,etc – Confetti+Sprinkles Blog

Celebrities/Hollywood- Don’t Be Filly Blog

Youtubers, Broadway Accent Glam, Actors, Hollywood Movies- Miss Bella Boo Blog

+ A lot of other people said ” Celebrities, Hollywood”

Australia’s Verdict

We are all movie stars.


Only a VERY VERY small portion of our country is celebrities and movie stars. It’s even the tiniest fraction of Los Angeles.


Legally Blonde- Miss Bella Boo Blog

Theme Parks, Sesame Street- Confetti+Sprinkles Blog

Youtube, TV- Queen Anna Blog

Good Morning America- Chalottie Blog

Australia’s Verdict

We love screens.


That is 100% true…….


People that talk loudly, accents – Don’t Be Filly Blog

Strong Accents- Queen Anna Blog

Australia’s Verdict

We are loud talking, accent having people.


Certain parts of America have really strong accents. I personally don’t think I have an accent, but some people think I do. The loud talking part is very true. (for me at least) My talk is like a normal person’s yell



vegemite, Vegemite, VEGEMITE


A lot of Australians actually don’t like vegemite. Shocking, right?


You either live in the Outback where everything tries to kill you or at the beach.


There are lots of big cities in Australia. ie: Sydney, Melborne


You’r either fighting to survive or surfing


Australia isn’t a life or death situation, and many don’t know how to surf. In reality, Australians are pretty much into anything and everything.


“Put a shrimp on the Barbie”


Australians don’t say that. They say BBQ like everyone else.

I hope you enjoyed this. It’s a bit different from what I normally post, so let me know if you liked it. Also, don’t forget to check out Vanilla Highlights Blog! Have a wonderfully random day!

We all use stereotypes all the time, without knowing it. We have met the enemy of equality, and that enemy is us. – Unknown







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