September Favorites!

I’m so sorry I didn’t do on of these in August! When August 31st came around, I completely forgot! By the time I remembered, it was like August 10th or something. Let’s not dwell on the past and get on with it!



Maroon Tunic

This is coming up really red in the picture but it actually is maroon. I’ve been loving this color recently! It so fall!

Nordstroms -they no longer sell it 😦

Floral leggings

I’ve been loving these this month! They seem to go with everything! 

Old navy- On sale! $4.49



Klee girls lip gloss

This color is really natural, but adds a nice shine to your lips. If you add too much though, it can get a bit goopy.

Luna star naturals- 11.99

Lavera  Volume Mascara

This really does give good volume! It also doesn’t clump, and the lashes stay nice and separated

Amazon- $16.10

Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

I use this everyday after washing my face to get those extra dirty parts of my face! 

Desert Essence-$8.99


Ultra fine point Permanent Sharpie Marker

With everything I draw, I ALWAYS outline with an ultra fine sharpie. They just have the smoothest line with the best thickness. They also come in a wide variety of colors!

Staples As low as $1.79

Artists Loft Watercolor Pan Set

I had never really gotten into water colors before, but now I really like it! It’s a lot easier than it seems, and Ithink everyone should try it Out!

Michaels – $4.99
I hope everyone enjoyed that little favorites post! Tweet me @RR__Blog if you try out any of these products and have a wonderfully random day!

Treat everyone fairly, not equally – Minh Tan




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