October Favorites!

October was such a great month! I can’t wait to see how great November will be!

1. Music Faves

Focus by Arianna Grande

I love the back ground beat of this song! It just makes you want to dance!

The Entire Revival Album by Selena Gomez

I love so many of the songs from Selena’s new album! I really like “same old love” and ” good for you”

Hello by Adele

I’ve done my waiting! Seven years of it! (Not really I just take every opportunity to slip a Harry Potter reference in to everything) I have waited for about three years though. ADELE FINALLY MADE ANOTHER SONG! And it’s amazing! ❤

2. Fashion Faves

Maroon skirt (Jcrew)

This skirt is the perfect fall color and just seems to go with everything in my closet!

Black Slip On Shoes (old navy)

I seem to wear these every day! Once again they go with everything! They also are really comfy!

3. Beauty Faves

Gold and Champagne Eyeshadow (Pacifica Palette)

These two colors look really pretty on the lids! I wear the gold almost every day!

Chestnut Mascara (mineral fusion)

This stuff applies really nicely and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all! It also seem to last a long time!

4. Random Faves

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up (Marie kondo)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen this book before. It’s really good and inspired me to redo my room!



Recently I really liked watching her videos!

I hoped you enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind-LILO and Stitch



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