My Fashion Faves! (dec.-jan.)

These are the pieces that I always reach for, and know I cant go wrong with! I’ve recently put all of my “grab and go” favorite pieces on  rack in my room! I thought Id show you the best of the best! Let me know if you’d like to see a “favorite accessories and shoes” post! Or maybe a ” Pieces I wish I wore more”!


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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY FUR COATS! (fake fur, of course)

They add a sense of glam and “put togetherness” to every look! They’re also a lot more warm than they seem! I have a dusty rose/nude one and a black & white chevron one!

Nude one: Zara- I can’t find it on the site, but I believe it was around $60

Black and white one: Nordstrom, but the brand “Ruby and Bloom”- On sale! $39.80


Zara striped sweater

Normally, cream colored things wash me out, because my paleness levels are very strong, but since this one has pops of mustard, the levels somehow balance out and suit me very well! This goes with everything, and it’s super soft!

Zara- Sorry! Can’t find it! But I believe it was around 20 something…


White Abercrombie & Fitch Sweater

I got this sweater for Christmas, and its awesome! ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!!! (lol) I wear this whenever I’m just feeling really cold, and need something super cozy!

Abercrombie And Fitch- Again, no longer on the site, and I don’t have an estimation for the price, since I got it for Christmas!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I love forever21, since it has all the popular trends, and timeless items, for super cheap! This is so fuzzy, and very neutral. I’m really into monochromatic and neutrals right now!

Forever 21- no longer on sale



I have two dresses I’ve been loving recently! The checkered one is from Forever21, and I love it because its just super comfy, and a very “throw on and go” type of dress. The green one is from Zara, and is a structured A-line dress, and is really cool looking and flattering on!

Forever21- $14

Zara- no longer on sale


Button up skirt

I love this skirt! It’s a pretty tan/mustard/brown color, and it goes with everything! I especially love to wear it with that striped zara sweater! It also reminds me of the brady bunch…

Forever21- $12.90



Abercrombie & Fitch Black Jeans

I think everyone needs a pair of black jeans! They go with absolutely everything and I promise you’ll wear them a bunch! My favorite jeans are Abercrombie, because my legs are long but my waist is tiny, so most jeans that are long enough for my legs, fall down my waist, but Abercrombie jeans don’t!

Abercrombie Kids: $49.95

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Gap Super Skinny Grey Jeans

My last fave I’m actually wearing today! The camera didn’t really pick it up, but its like a marbleized grey color! I wear these constantly and they’re amazing! Also, I’ve spilled like a thousand things on these, and they never get stained! They’re magic pants!

Ive got my tight pants, Ive got my tight pants on! (name that reference lol)

Gap- no longer on sale

I hope you guys enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy- Kimora Lee



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