Hi guys! So today I thought I’d show you how I use my bullet journal. If you don’t know, a bullet journal is a journal organized by bullets and months. In the front, there is always and index and a key. I got an idea to make one of these from Pinterest!

I am using this gorgeous notebook I got for Christmas as my bullet journal! Anyone else LOVE the book “secret garden” 

 This is how I organized my index! I’m really proud of its beauty😂

This is my key. Every time is use a new symbol, I write what it means in here. It makes sure that everything is easy to understand!

This is my year overview. I just have any birthdays, and the main holidays written in here.

I decided to put my New Years resolutions in here so I’d remember them. I’ve actually stuck with a lot of them!

Here is where I write down the events in February. I have a planner, but I remember events better when they are in more than one place

I plan all my posts for the upcoming week on Sundays. I have a seperate notebook where I write down post ideas, and every Sunday I pick three ideas that I feel like doing for that week!

I babysit my little brother, and I like to keep track of the amounts I need to be paid. If you’re a babysitter, I definitely recommend it!

I like to keep track of Instagram followers, and I highlight the “milestones” I actually hit 900 followers last night!

Lastly, I just have the space that I write down random things when I don’t have any other notebook with me.

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

I journal so that I don’t have to remember everything. It frees space in my brain and will help me remember when I forget about it later- Stacy Duplease





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