Pack with me: Cruise Carry On!

Hi guys! For spring break I’m going on a cruise, and I thought I’d show you what I’m packing in my backpack that I bring on the plane!

This is the backpack I’ll be using! It’s from roxy, and it just holds a whole lotta junk.

Sometimes you just need to freshen up a bit…

Under Armor Sweatshirt: Sometimes it can be chilly on the plane, and also on the other side!

Lavanilla Deodorant: This is that “healthy deodorant” that everyone loves, and it’s great! Sometimes you just feel gross after a flight, and deodorant is a great thing to freshen up with!

Tangle Teaser Brush: This is super small and good for travel, plus my hair always gets really tangled near the middle of the day.

I’m deciding to keep my makeup bag in my personal carry-on to save space in my actuall suitcase. Stay tuned for Friday when I show you what I packed in here!

I’m one of those people that’s paranoid about things getting damaged, so I’m keeping my cameras with me just to be safe!😬😬

I like having activities on the plane, and also on vacation in general!

I just have my blog & YouTube notebook, pencil case, coloring pencils, a little travel coloring book, and my thinking putty.

Even though it’s a lot, none of these take up much space at all

Lastly, I just have some basic things that are good to have!

Betsey Johnson Sunglasses: I’ll be in a very sunny place once I land, so I’ll be needed a good pair of sunnies!

Earbuds: I listen to podcasts on planes, so I need these!

Water bottle: for water. Of course.

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

Everyone deserves a chance to fly- Wicked





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