Hi guys! Today I thought I’d show you my favorite lippies right now! A few of these you seen a lot before, and some of these I don’t mention very often! Let’s get started!


Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in “Fly High”

Color: Cool toned pinky lilac

I don’t really like the way cool toned pinks look on me, but somehow this one just looks so beautiful! The formula is also gorgeous! It’s really pigmented and SUUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRRR creamy!

Burts Bees in “Blush Basin”

Color: Pinky Nude

I know I talk about this way too much, but it’s the perfect your lips but better color for me! It’s just a pinky nude I guess, but it’s just really pretty! I don’t wear nude lipsticks very often, but I normally grab for this one if I do.

Burts Bees in “Magenta Rush”

Color: Magenta. Duh.

I love this color for when I’m felt like a pink lippie, but just a tad less sassy😂. I think magenta is so pretty, because it’s bright but yet deep, so it’s great for all year wear!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in “Coral Crush”

Color: Basically bright orange

I love this, because it’s really pigmented (for a lip balm) but still super moisturizing! I know orange isn’t everyone’s thing, but it looks gorgeous! (Especially if you have blue eyes)

Clinique Lip Pop Color + Primer in “Grape Pop”

Color: Purple with a pink base

OMG guys. Purple is my fave lippie color (actually wait no, it’s second to orange) But, if you’re a bit shy to wear purple, I’d go for a more pinky toned one like this one! The pink undertone makes purple lipstick wayyyyy more wearable!

Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Gloss Stain in “All of me”

Color: purple with a Mauvy undertone

I just have a little baby of this (since the full size is $24) but I love it and probably will buy a few shades in full size soon! It’s like a satin lip cream that leaves an all day stain once it leaves the lips. Definitely recommend for school if you want to have color all day but don’t have time to reapply!


I left this picture with no filter to show true color, and all lippies are in order as I previously showed them!

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

She has a way with words, red lipstick, and making an entrance- Kate Spade





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