Hi guys! I don’t have an insane amount of brushes, but I don’t use/like all of them, so I thought I’d show you guys what I decluttered!


Michael Marcus Blush Brush

I love the shape of this brush for bronzer,but I don’t like the quality. It sheds and isn’t very soft.

Eco Tools Precision Blush Brush

I used to use this to blend out contour, but I don’t need it anymore.

Tere Mére Angled Blush Brush 

I was using this for contour, then I discovered that it made my contour patchy and weird..

Bella Pro Foundation Brush

I just don’t have a use for this shape of brush

Claire’s Flat Kabuki

This is a strange brush, it’s not dense enough to be a kabuki, but it doesn’t work well for powder doe…..


No Name Detail Brush

I have another detail brush I like better, and this one doesn’t have a brand so I can’t really recommend it.

Michael Marcus Eye Contour Brush

Again, I just don’t like the quality of these, and this is too big for my eyes.

No Name Eyeliner Brush 

I have other liner brushes I like better.

Eco Tools Flat Shader Brush

This is too large for my eyes!

Ulta Sponge Tip Applicator

I just don’t use this!

Bare Minerals Double Ended Brush

I have brushes like this I like better from other brands

Michael Marcus Eye Detail Brush

This is just a weird shape for my eyes!

I hoped you enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

Of this be sure: you don’t find the happy life…you create it- Thomas Monson





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