Hi guys! On Wednesday I got the new Alice through the the looking glass palette, and I just had to review it for you guys!

So, this palette is $60, which is really expensive, but personally I think it’s worth it!


Here is the front of the palette, which is a really cool kaleidoscope pattern!

The you open up the top and there is a mirror that says we’re all mad here, and has a creepy/cool melting clock pattern 

And here is a magnetic flap thingy that says “I’m not weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”

Open the flap and…BOOM! Pop up butterfly up in here!

Pull the string and… BOOM! Eyeshadow pertyness😍

Here is the brush that come with the palette! One side is an outer corner/ smudge brush and the other side is a crease/ blender brush. This brush is active really good quality and totally useable. I may even take it out of the palette to use it with my other palettes for travel.

And here is a closer look of all the shades! I mean…..YASSS

These are seperated into columns depicting the main characters!

First column: ALICE

Second column: MAD HATTER


Fourth column: IRACEBETH (RED QUEEN)

Fifth column: TIME



Looking glass- matte white with a slight pink undertone

Reflection- a matte slightly peachier version of my skin color

Dormouse- a matte mid warm brown with gold glitter (the glitter isn’t ver noticeable at all so you can still use this in the crease)

Metamorphosis- a demi-matte shade that is basically the color of Alice’s dress in the original cartoon


Hatter- demi-matte bright green

Gone Mad- demi-matte deep purple. This shade doesn’t have bad pigmentation, but it does need a bit more building up than the other shades.

Paradox- gold and peach duo chrome (camera doesn’t pick up the duochromeyness)

Cake- satin with glitter bright pink


Lily- white and pink duochrome

Duchess- pink and peach duochrome

Kindom- metallic rosy bronze

Chessboard- matte neutral/warm brown


Heads will roll- matte with glitter turquoise 

Bandersnatch- matte navy blue

Salazen Grum- metallic red

Royal Flush- shimmery white


Time- metallic deep/royal blue 

Dream on- this shade sucks…

Cronoshere- metallic brown

Mirror- satin/metallic grey-blue 


Overall, I love this palette! You have natural,smokey, and bright colors! I got this because I was looking for a palette that lets me branch out with color, and also Tim burton’s Alice series is one of my fave movies! 

Here are my favorite shades

  • Dormouse
  • Lily
  • Chessboard
  • Duchess
  • Kingboard
  • Heads will roll
  • Bandersnatch
  • Salazen Grum
  • Cake

If you are a collector, you need this palette! It’s gorgeous and really good quality! Of course there are like 2 duds, but there’s always at least one dud in a palette.. Also, when you calculate it out, you are only paying $3 per shadow, which is an amazing deal!

I hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderfully random day!

I know I was when I got up this morning, but I mush have changed several times since then. -Alice in Wonderland 



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