Hi guys! Late as always, here are my June favorites! 


Pixi Natural Contour Kit 

I’m not sure if you can get this anymore, as it was in their holiday collection, but it was on sale for $12 for the longest time. Anyway, I love this! It gives you what it says, a natural contour! The face highlight is the main thing I’m obsessed with from this! It’s just absolutely gorge😍

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms In Pixi Pink and Coral Crush- $8 each

If you guys have been following me for a couple of months, you know I used to be obsessed with these in early spring, but I kinda stopped using them. But, as summer began I pulled them out again and have became re-obsessed! I’ve love wearing the coral one with blue eyeshadow/eyeliner, and pairing the pink one with the pacifica lip gloss I’m about to talk about.

Pacifica Lip Gloss in Pink Coral- $10

I’ve probably already put this in a faves, but I just love lip gloss during the summer! I love this because it’s just easy. It’s super sheer so I can pair it with any lipstick (I paired it with a red lipstick for Fourth of July!) but also has enough color to give a bit of life to my lips when worn alone. This is just a perfect thing to keep in your purse ever if it’s not the lippie you put on earlier!

Pacifica Coconut Multiples- $14

I love this so much, that when I use up the highlight (that I’ve hit major pan on) I need to buy a new one! These creams are quite dry because they are cream to powder, but they look gorgeous and ultra natural on the skin! Even the bronzer that looks super dark and scary looks gorgeous on my fair skin! If I’m having trouble with application, I just spray some face mist on the product and it’s all good!

Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo- $30

This product is amazing! I love that the shimmer and matte products are separate because one day, if I want to do a matte bronze or contour I can, and the next day, if I want a nice bronze glow, I can’t get that from the same product!


Selena Gomez Revival Crop Hoodie- $65

This just makes me happy. Everytime I put it on it reminds me of the amazing Selena Gomez concert I went to earlier in June, and it’s super soft and cozy!

Mellow Mushroom Top- ??

This top is from the mellow mushroom pizzeria and I love it! About a year ago, it cut it and added the tie thing as well as making it more of a crop top! This shirt is just super comfy, and I personally think it’s really cute!

Gap Pinapple Shorts- ???

These are my go to shorts when I want to be comfy around the house, but might have to look relatively presentable for going out later in the day. I also love pairing these with the mellow top!

White Saltwater Sandals-$35

I’ve become obsessed with these! I saw @missbellablog always posting picks of her salties, and I thought they were super cute, so I knew I needed a pair! They stretch to your fit your feet, so they’re suuuuppper comfy, and relatively affordable for high quality shoes!


Pacifica Island Vanilla Body Butter-$16

This stuff is AMAZING. It’s super moisturizing and makes you smell like vanilla. I think that’s all I have to say.

Jamie Paige Beauty

Jamie is one of my favorite youtubers and totally deserves more subscribers! She does reviews, tutorials, and basically all things beauty related!

Mariah Lenord

Again, just like JPB but more based on unique & cool toned makeup

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes

These just remove all makeup and easily. They also don’t sting my eyes (unless I stab them in my eyes)

I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderfully random day!

Think Happy, Be Happy.



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