Hi guys! I’m super late to the train on this tag, but I felt like doing it, so…. Yeah!

This is my bare face. No makeup, no filters, nuthin. I’m not ashamed of it, and I’m comfortable in my skin, but makeup is really fun to experiment with and yeah!

I have quite good skin, but I like to cover up my Undereye darkness, and redness with concealer and powder. It just helps me to look more bright and awake. I also like to darken up my eyebrows because I have light blonde brows, and can sometimes look invisible.

Then, I do my eyes. Recently, I’ve really been loving experimenting with my eyeshadow and different color. Also, I’m obsessed with large, voluminous lashes, and making my eyes very large and doll like. I have hooded eyes, which are really the only thing I don’t really like about my face. When my face is loosened and relaxed, my eyebrows are low set, shadow over my eyes, and then I have the hood as well. In photos I often slightly raise my eyebrows to create larger looking eyes.

Next, I like to add bronzer and/or contour (especially in the summer) because I am very fair, which I love my skin color but, I like looking like a slightly JLO like potato instead of a normal potato (lol jokes) Also, I have quite a baby face, so I like to find as much cheekbones as possible.

Then, I add highlight, maybe too much, but meh, I like it! Today (you can’t see it in the photo) but, I used a white/pink duochrome eyeshadow as a highlighter, and I’m into it! The amount of highlight I use is also another reason to used bronzer. I don’t really highlight for any reason, I just love the way it looks!

Last, lips. You guys know, that lipstick is my weakness. I’m obsessed with lip products! I love my lips, they aren’t wide, but they are quite plump, and I love trying out different lip colors, formulas, the whole shebang. 

So, this is the power of makeup. Every day I can try out new looks and techniques. Just because someone wears makeup does not mean they are insecure, or want to look fierce for other people. THEY WANT TO LOOK FIERCE FOR DEM SELVES GURL💅🏻 So, slay that makeup, and don’t be worried about what others think.

Makeup is a way for a women to look and feel like her self, only prettier and more confident- Bobbi Brown



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