Hi guys, sorry I missed Monday, I just had no ideas and my room was covered in boxes so….. now i have an idea (my room is still covered in boxes but that’s beside the point) Lets just get into it!

  1. i’m 12 and going into 7th grade
  2. my best friend and i have been friends for 9 years
  3. i just moved into my 13th house/appt.
  4. i’m about to start school at the tenth school i’ve ever gone to
  5. i’ve lived in four states: iowa, north carolina, california, and south carolina
  6. i thought i was ariel when i was little
  7. I really want to learn how to windsurf
  8. i took an IQ test in 3rd grade and my score was two points away from the “genius” category
  9. rose gold is my favorite eyeshadow color
  10. sarcasm is my 2nd language
  11. when I was in kindergarten everyone at lunch teased me by chanting “pumkin head pumkin head!”
  12. i also convinced everyone i was a tiger that can morph into a human. no really, i’m not kidding.
  13. when i grow up i want to live in new york city
  14. i went through a two year period where i thought i was a spy
  15. i am a hoarder
  16. gold, white, and pom poms are my aesthetic
  17. peeling things off of your skin is so satisfying to me #elmersgluetho
  18. i have accidently stolen 3 books from a school before because i forgot to return some books to the class library before i left in the middle of the year
  19. i always get the teachers no one likes
  20. i am a perfectionist
  21. i am obsessed with the high school musical movies
  22. high school musical is the only series except for harry potter where the first movie isn’t the best movie
  23. tim burton, johnny depp, and helena boham carter are basically my favorite people
  24. i am not an introvert nor an extrovert, i am an ambientvert
  25. the reason i don’t play sports is because i hate working in teams. i know, it’s sad, i just don’t really like people.
  26. if black and white were colors, they would be my favorite
  27. purple is my favorite color
  28. i’m an audio learner, but i have to write everything down
  29. i took an eighth grade standardised test in fifth grade
  30. i never wear socks around the house
  31. i film my youtube videos on my ipad
  32. my favorite thing to draw is ariel
  33. my favorite movies are mean girls, devil wears prada, harry potter (all of them), high school musical (all of them), and ET
  34. i love watching “oddly satisfying” videos on youtube. just look it up, you’ll understand.
  35. i hate having more than seven friends at a time
  36. my favorite thing about anything is the food #whyelsewouldyougotoparties
  37. i lived in LA for a year because i used to do acting
  38. adele is my favorite singer
  39. kathleenlights is my favorite beauty youtuber
  40. i hate getting my hair blow dried
  41. i’m a spender not a saver. it’s bad, i know.
  42. my best friend is turning 12 tomorrow
  43. i’m obsessed with stationary/school supplies
  44. i had (excluding fish) meat for the first time when I was 10, on thanksgiving
  45. my favorite animal is an elephant
  46. when i was five (i think) i smashed into a brick wall on my training bike, and i was so scared that i didn’t learn how to ride a bike until i was 10
  47. i hate wide ruled paper because it makes me write really bug, but i have to get it for school so ugh
  48. i have an extremely black thumb ( i kill plants in approximately 3.5 seconds)
  49. i’m always hot
  50. this took me 1 1/2 hours to complete

I hope you enjoyed (and learned a little about me)

have a wonderfully random day!

don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason- unknown




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